A smart system for services and operations management PVS


This smart system for services and operations management (PVS) is designed for controlling services provided to customers or operations performed inside a company. Operations organized on the basis of this smart system allow you to optimize costs incurred by a company, to ensure that operations are planned, executed and controlled in a contemporary manner, to increase employee performance efficiency and motivation, and to assure that operations are performed at a high quality level. In addition, the system accumulates data and its reports enable you to quickly obtain information required for management decision making.

The purpose of the system is:

  • to arrange operations by distributing assignments for implementation and to control the course and results of operations execution;
  • to assign costs of operations performed, to analyse their cost, to constantly control variable costs and to monitor whether they correspond to established standards;
  • To economically analyse services rendered or facilities maintained by identifying services, facilities or operations that are less profitable or unprofitable;
  • To analyse and assess employee performance efficiency and employee performance quality;
  • To analyse information about customer orders and claims; and
  • To prepare information for an objective evaluation of employee activities.

The PVS is fully compatible and can function together with other business management and analysis systems employed by a company.

The areas of the application of this solution include:

  • companies maintaining and managing buildings;
  • companies supplying services where customers are located;
  • companies maintaining process equipment;
  • companies supplying heat;
  • companies supplying water;
  • companies supplying electricity;
  • companies supplying gas;
  • companies supplying telecommunication services;
  • agricultural companies or private farms; and
  • companies supplying customers with other services.

The description of the system PVS (Download PDF)

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