An administration system for acceptance of payments MOKESTA

MOKESTA – an administration system for acceptance of payments for services provided

 Working with customers effectively is a prerequisite for increasing a company’s competitive advantage in its market. Companies supplying services to residents often assign the major part of this work to their accounting departments and restrict themselves to issuing invoices for services rendered and to controlling money collections.

We offer the possibility to enhance the above-mentioned work efficiency through the introduction of a smart customer service system called MOKESTA, which, in addition to necessary but simple invoice preparation and issuance functions, also implements other functions that increase customer service effectiveness and involve:

  • communicating with customers via a self-service website (customer queries, service offers, surveys and the like);
  • ordering additional services/changing a service package;
  • analysing customers according to services purchased, solvency, fields of interest and other parameters;
  • performing preventive work with debtors by reducing the likelihood of indebtedness for services provided (for example, late payment reminders);
  • organizing debt recovery work through electronic courts on an automatic basis;
  • maintaining a customer database on an automatic basis by interconnecting it with different registers or other databases;
  • availing oneself of an opportunity and offering smart applications to customers;
  • preparing invoices for services supplied and submitting them by electronic or other means;
  • monitoring payments for services rendered; and
  • exchanging information with other information technology systems.

The areas of the application of this solution include:

  • companies maintaining and managing buildings;
  • companies supplying heat;
  • companies supplying water;
  • companies supplying electricity;
  • companies supplying gas; and
  • companies supplying customers with telecommunication and other services.

The description of the system Mokesta (Download PDF).

For detailed information, please contact:

Arūnas Šileika
Deputy Technical Director